The Back Catalogue section of the site covers the musical history of the band.

Showaddywaddy released many ‘original’ songs that they wrote themselves, but the Covered Originals page gives details of the original versions of songs the band recorded.

The Discography is a comprehensive record of all releases the band have made since 1973 to the present day, and including details of various side projects over the years.

The Albums (inc Lyrics) page will give you all you need to sing along to your favourite tracks, and Reissues provides details of the original album CD rereleases by Cherry Red Records.

A brand new SWW Blog was added on 15th January 2014!

The opening blog is regarding the many excellent B-sides that the band released throughout put out in their career. Showaddywaddy has 23 top-40 hits, although the band released 33 singles in total between 1974 and 1990. The SWW blog will supersede the Wordpress blog which is currently online (content will be moved over)