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Dave Graham - Saxophone/Guitars - July 2009 to August 2011, September 2020 to present

Dave Graham proved his worth to Showaddywaddy with his versatility...saxophone, rhythm guitar and keyboards, not to mention backing vocals. Away from the band he can also play clarinet and bass!

The saxophone is Dave's main instrument though and his presence in the line-up leant itself to the the original Showaddywaddy sound of the '70s and '80s, especially in live tracks such as "When", "You Got What It Takes" and "A Night A Daddy Gee's".

Dave first joined SWW on stage on 9th July 2009 at the Assembly Rooms in Tamworth, on sax, for one song only, "Under The Moon Of Love". This also proved to be Danny Willson's last UK gig with the band. His first public full time gig was at The Retrofest in Glasgow, Saturday 29th August 2009, where Showaddywaddy kicked off the day's proceedings at lunch time, but his actual first full-time gig was a behind-closed-doors private gig at Cave Castle Hotel, Brough, near Hull on 14th July 2009.

Left: First full-time public gig with Showaddywaddy, Retrofest, Glasgow, 29th August 2009.

When Danny Willson had announced his intention to leave the band, the search got underway for a replacement and Paul Dixon suggested a saxophonist. Dave Bartram had already known Dave Graham for nearly 20 years, Dave B having managed a band in the '90s that Dave G was in called Milo. So the call was made to Dave G to ask if he knew any saxophonists who would be interested in joining the band to which the reply was, "I'll do it!"

Dave has been involved with music in one form or another for many years. He studied music at Manchester University, and saxophone at the Royal Northern College of Music. After university, Dave taught music at Oakham School in Rutland for 10 years. He has always played in the local music scene in Leicester and still plays with a number of bands today. He has done much freelance work on sax playing a wide variety of music including jazz and classical.

But having had all this experience in recent years, Dave endorses his passion for for rock 'n' roll, and followed Showaddywaddy when he was growing up. "I remember buying Bright Lights on cassette when it came out", he says, "and we all used to wear bootlace ties down at our local youth club. Showaddywaddy were well known nationally of course but even more so in Leicester".

Right: First appearance with Showaddywaddy - minus drape suit - Assembly Halls, Tamworth 9th July 2009.

Like Paul Dixon, his favourite gig so far was at Glasgow Pavilion on 26th March 2009 where "the atmosphere was electric and the sound was fantastic".

Dave describes himself as a workaholic, and often works 7 days a week. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, and having fit all this in, still has time to socialise, drink and eat out, as well as keeping fit by cycling and going to the gym!

Addendum: David left the band and played his last gig with Showaddywaddy on 3rd December 2011 at the Kings Theatre in Ilkley. This also marked Dave Bartram’s last gig with the band. David left due to pressures of work with his agency and not having time to fit everything in. David’s time with the band was ultimately quite short (two years), but he certainly left his mark with his versatility and bringing the sax to the live set that we remember in many of the band’s original recordings. I’m sure I join all Showaddywaddy fans in wishing Dave all the best for the future!

Left: The only time Danny Willson & David Graham appeared on stage together - Assembly Halls, Tamworth, 9th July 2009