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Dean Loach - Keyboards/Guitar - 2012 to March 2020

After leaving school, Dean undertook a career as a trainee electrician, but was soon out doing his first gigs as a solo artist using keyboards on the pub and club scene. In the early ‘90s, he started working with bands – the first band he formed being called ‘Big and Something Silver’ – then playing in ‘Midnight Blues’, a blues covers band, and with various other bands, touring in places as far away as Ireland, Germany and Dubai.

He has also played in bands with Showaddywaddy utility man Rob Hewins, including a period in a Pink Floyd tribute band, and in another band called 'This, That & The Others', also featuring Rob, and Danny Willson. Later, Dean worked as a session musician, including work on an album ‘Letter To America’ by Leicester artist Cathy Bonner.

When Dave Bartram decided to retire from the band in the autumn of 2011, and along with David Graham’s departure, plans were made to recruit some other musicians for a revised line up.

Left: Tamworth, 30th March 2012

Dean was already good friends with former SWW member Danny Willson (since the age of 15), and his name was put forward to be considered for the band.

Dean hails from Leicester, so was immediately at home with Showaddywaddy when he joined the band in the winter of 2011. The first gig of the new Showaddywaddy line-up was at Dorchester Abbey on 28th Jan 2012.

He primarily plays keyboards, but also plays rhythm guitar, and of course it goes without saying being a member of Showaddywaddy that backing vocals and harmonies are also a key contribution.

In fact it was the harmonies that Dean enjoyed learning the most, with many rehearsals being done to practice harmonies only, in which the band descended on Romeo’s house to do this.

On stage, Dean has a laptop hooked up to keyboard to recreate the sax sound that was prominent on many of the band’s original recordings.

The first record he bought was ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ by Nik Kershaw – and favourite bands are Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and Jellyfish.

Asked about his favourite SWW gig so far, Dean say they have all been good, but the gig at Strathpeffer Pavilion in the Scottish Highlands stands out in particular. But this interview took place at Holmfirth Picturedrome on 2nd March 2013, and which is now added to the ‘best gigs’ list – a great night!