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Paul Dixon - Guitars - 2008 to January 2017

Paul Dixon initially hooked up with Showaddywaddy in the autumn of 2008 on a tour of Ireland when Danny Willson, who was about to become a father again, took a break from the band to be with his new-born son and partner. Also around this time, Danny was playing with Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and had been asking Paul to fill in for him in SWW when gigs clashed.

At Christmas 2008, Trevor Oakes left the band, initially on a temporary basis, and again Paul Dixon hooked up with SWW to fill in for Trevor. When it was announced that Trevor was to leave permanently in May 2009, Paul's position in the band became permanent. This meant that Paul initially joined as the rhythm guitarist, but when Danny left the band in August 2009, Paul moved over to lead guitar and the band's other new recruit (Dave Graham) took over the rhythm section (rhythm guitar and sax). Still with me.....?!

Prior to playing in Showaddywaddy, Paul had been playing in The Teddys with Malcolm Allured. The connection came because Danny knew Paul through his brother Rick who had also been playing with The Teddys.

Paul has played with lots of bands and artists over the years, most notably Leicester-based Laurel Aitken, the "Godfather of Ska". A keen songwriter, Paul has written 100s of songs over the years and says he would love to record some of these with Showaddywaddy.

He is into a variety of bands, but listened to rock 'n' roll in the 70s and enjoyed a number of rock 'n' roll bands, including Darts, Shakin' Stevens, Rocky Sharpe & The Replays, Matchbox and the Stray Cats.

Paul has really enjoyed his first 12 months in the band and says it is his ideal job. The gig at Glasgow Pavilion on 26th March 2009 stands out as being by far and away the best one so far.

He also takes on lead vocals including, "I Hear You Knocking" on first joining the band, and more recently "Claudette" and "Barefootin'" The first two of these three were of course previously sung by Danny Willson, "Barefootin'" being a new live track for SWW in 2010.

Away from the band, he follows Leicester City's results, and enjoys cycling and hiking, as well as spending time with his family and three children, a son of 5 and daughters aged 2 and 4 (as of 2010).

"If you're going to replace me, this is what you need to do" - Danny shows Paul the ropes at a gig in Kilmarnock, 25th April 2009

Paul left the band in January 2017, his last gig being at Whitley Bay Playhouse on Sat 28th January.