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Rod 8th Nov 1984 (David O'Rourke)
Rod Deas - Bass - 1973 to January 2019

Rod was one of two bass players in Showaddywaddy, but later becoming the band’s sole bass player following Al James’ departure in 2008.

He was born in Scarborough on 13th February 1948 and for the next sixteen years because of his father's occupation lived in Malta, Scotland then in the county of Hampshire. It was whilst in Malta that Rod first started playing in bands.

Rod spent some time living in London, and during this time was a member of a group called 'Jackel’, who were very nearly nationally successful.

Later, after moving to Leicester from London, Rod joined The Golden Hammers (a band featuring Malcolm Allured, Bill Gask and Russ Field). Golden Hammers joined with Choise to form Showaddywaddy in 1973, after the two bands met at the Fosse Way pub in Leicester.

As well as playing bass (and more or less splitting the bass playing duties equally with Al James), Rod also played a prominent part in the band’s dance routines and contributing to backing vocals. He can also be heard singing the third verse of 'Rock 'n' Roll Music' on Showaddywaddy's third album 'Trocadero'.

Rod played bass with his fingers versus Al James's technique of using a pick.

Rod retired from Showaddywaddy in 2019, and played his last gig with the band at The Qube in Corby on 25th January. All SWW fans hope that Rod has a long and happy retirement at his home near Castle Donington in Derbyshire.

“I wish, with a heavy heart to make known that I will be retiring from the band following the band’s gig in Corby on Friday 25th January 2019. In what has been the hardest decision of my life, I would like to thank our incredibly loyal fans for their unwavering support throughout a wonderful career that has far exceeded my wildest dreams”.