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Trevor Oakes - Guitars - 1973 to December 2008

Trevor Oakes was one of Showaddywaddy's founder members, being with the band since its inception in 1973. He was originally a member of Choise, one of the bands that merged with the Golden Hammers to form Showaddywaddy. He was a sheet metal worker by day and musician by night. Trevor was a prolific songwriter with Choise and wrote a number of songs that they performed in their live set.

When Showaddywaddy formed, he continued his songwriting prowess and contributed a number of the band's own songs. Showaddywaddy's own songs were always credited to all eight members, but they were mainly written by Trevor and/or Dave Bartram, with Geoff Betts (Al James) chipping in with a handful. Trevor is known to have written "Rock 'n' Roll Lady", "Lookin' Back", "I Don't Want To Dream Anymore" - his favourite self-penned song being "That's Alright With Me" which the band wanted to release as a single in 1979 instead of “A Night At Daddy Gee’s”.

Left: Performing at the Swap Shop Rock Garden Party, Jubilee Gardens in London, Spring Bank Holiday 29th May 1978. Picture copyright of Peter Lane and courtesy of

He also wrote and sang lead vocals on "Sympathy", a track recorded around 1986 but not released until 1990 (b-side to Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus).

Trevor also performed lead on "Route 66" in the '90s, a song written by Bobby Troup but perhaps best known as being a cover by the Rolling Stones in 1964, and also covered by Chuck Berry in 1961.

Another song written by Trevor was 1981's "I Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll No More", which was released as a single by Burglar's Dog in the same year, a band featuring Bill Gask, Geoff Betts and Malcolm Allured - the song being credited to "Oakes" on the label.

As a musician, Trev played mainly rhythm guitar with the band. He also played lead on a number of tracks including "Feelin'" and the first solo in "Rock 'n' Roll Music". In the live set, he played bass on "Dancin' Party", but not on the studio version.

Trev is a supporter of Leicester City and was a keen a footballer, often playing in showbiz XIs in the '70s, '80s & '90s. Such was Trev's passion for the game, two of his sons became professional footballers (Stefan and Scott).

Left: Trev in his Choise days.

On Saturday 20th December 2008 unbeknown to Showaddywaddy fans and the rest of the band, Trevor was to play his last gig with the band at the Cheese & Grain in Frome, Somerset. This gig goes down in Showaddywaddy's history as it was also Geoff Betts' last gig before his retirement.

Early in 2009, Trevor decided to take a break from the band due to ill health. His place was taken by Leicester-based guitarist Paul Dixon, initially on a temporary basis pending Trev's return. However, it was announced that Trevor had officially retired on 1st May 2009, aged 62, 5 months after the gig in Frome and Paul Dixon became a permanent member.

Thanks for the memories Trev! Showaddywaddy fans wish you a long, happy and healthy retirement.