The Osmonds Have Gone Apeshit

Recounting the 2010 UK arena tour which featured Showaddywaddy and The Osmonds.

I was pleasantly surprised to be name checked in the Manchester chapter of Dave’s new book “All Mapped Out”. It reminded me of the occurrence on the Arena tour which thankfully worked out as well as could be expected, but could have been worse!

In those days, supported a fan’s networking site, the Showaddywaddy Yahoogroup, and this was before Twitter and the SWW Facebook groups appeared. Dave was keeping me posted with updates from the tour, and I was happily relaying these messages to the fans.

Dave made an observation about The Osmonds stage show as he described in his book, and somewhat naively this was put on the Yahoogroup. It would have never occurred to me that fans of The Osmonds would be frequenting a SWW fans group.

A couple of days later I was at work, and I saw a text on my phone from Dave saying that there had been a bit of a furore about it on the tour. In 2007 there were no iPhones so I couldn’t go on and delete the offending post straight away, so it had to wait until later that evening. A lesson that once things are online they are available to the world almost instantly!

As Dave describes in the book, things were smoothed over - how effective this was I’m not sure - but 8 years later I still raise a smile when I recall reading the phrase on my phone, “The Osmonds have gone apeshit!”

At least we can chuckle about it now, perhaps more of a nervous chuckle really!
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