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Late in 1980, Showaddywaddy recorded their own BBC special with Kiki Dee.

Showaddywaddyshow’ was recorded at Pebble Mill in Birmingham on Sunday 30th November 1980 and Monday 1st December 1980. The first day consisted of the recording of backing tracks and rehearsing. The second day involved further rehearsing, then filming with a live studio audience in the evening. Fan club members had a large presence!

Songs featured in the programme were:

  • Dancin' Party (live)
  • Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts? - (live)
  • Johnny Remember Me - (live)
  • Say Mama - (live vocals to backing track)
  • Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller - (live)
  • Star - (by Kiki Dee, sung to backing tape)
  • Twenty-Four Hours - (by Kiki Dee, sung to backing tape)
  • Pretty Little Angel Eyes - (mimed)
  • Teen Canteen - (live vocals to backing track)
  • Blue Moon - (live)
  • Chain Gang - (live)
  • Three Steps To Heaven - (live)
  • Under The Moon Of Love - (live)

The band also recorded 'Heartbeat' but this was not broadcast.

The BBC still hold a copy of this in their archives, although it was presumed missing for many years! A DVD of the show has been released by Voiceprint under the guise ‘Greatest Hits’.

The ticket scan was supplied by Lorna from Birmingham who attended. Recalling the evening, she says, "It was a great night, everyone there was from the fan club, so the atmosphere was really good. We were there for several hours, all of the band chatted to the fans. I particularly remember Rod and Dave because they sat near me and my friend Janet. Between songs, the band threw items into the audience, baseball caps, rosettes, scarves, etc. (I could have been goalie for England that night!) I remember Dave getting fed up at one point because the backing track kept breaking down on some songs. I know my friend Janet and myself are on the show during 'Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller', I remember seeing ourselves on TV when the show was actually shown. We didn't have videos back then though. When the show had finished and we went outside, I remember seeing Trev's massive Ford Pontiac car parked in the car park. I wonder if he still likes big flash cars!"