Bright Lights

Released - 1st December 1980
Catalogue Number (LP) - Arista SPART 1142
UK Album Chart Position - 54
Weeks on Chart - 8

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It was somewhat interesting that ‘Bright Lights’, with its striking sleeve, only achieved number 54 in the charts, as not long after the album’s release, Showaddywaddy had their own BBC television special, ‘Showaddywaddyshow’, showcasing three tracks from the LP. This was in addition to numerous other TV appearances in late in 1980, including ‘Top Of The Pops’, and other shows popular at the time including, ‘Tiswas’, ‘Cheggars Plays Pop’, ‘Get It Together’ and ‘Emu’s Magic Musical Show’.

In fact 1980 matched the highest number of TV appearances for the band in a year with at least 27 performances of songs broadcast, matching the band’s peak years of 1977 and 1978.

Singles released during 1980 were ‘Always & Ever’, ‘Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Hearts’ and ‘Blue Moon’, all of which feature on the album, as well as ‘Doo Wah Diddy’, which was released as a single later, in February 1981.

‘Bright Lights’ however, stayed in the charts for a good two months overall.

The balance of original material versus covers swung back in favour of originals from the previous album, with 5 originals and 7 covers this time around.

One of the originals was the Al James composed ‘Teen Canteen’ which was performed in the BBC special, and Bill Gask’s strongest vocal performance throughout his career was displayed in ‘It’s Only Make Believe’, which interestingly the band were performing live as far back as 1973.

‘Then Came You’, a powerful Dave Bartram number, is always a fan’s favourite in the band’s back catalogue.

1. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts
2. Only Love
3. Blue Moon
4. I'll Never Get Over You
5. Wonderful Dream
6. Doo Wah Diddy
7. I Wanna Take You Home
8. Cool Cool Cat
9. Then Came You
10. Teen Canteen
11. It's Only Make Believe
12. Always & Ever