Crepes & Drapes

Released - 2nd November 1979
Catalogue Number (LP) - Arista ARTV3
UK Album Chart Position - 8
Weeks on Chart - 14

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The band’s final album of the 1970s, ‘Crepes & Drapes’ was backed by television advertisement and heavy in-store promotion. The band had achieved two top 20 hits during the year, and were continuing to play sold out live shows all over the UK and Europe.

‘Crepes & Drapes’ is often considered to be the strongest record from Showaddywaddy’s original line up period. An artistic sleeve saw the band’s pic moved to the rear cover instead, a still shot from the ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes’ promo video.

Singles featured were ’Sweet Little Rock ’n’ Roller’, ‘A Night At Daddy Gee’s’ (which was released a couple of weeks before the LP), and ‘Remember Then’. Out of the three singles, the only b-side to feature on the album was the rocker ‘I Appreciate The Job’.

The rockier songs were wonderfully complemented by two ballads - ‘Lost’, which was almost released two year earlier on the ‘Red Star’ LP, and ‘Win Your Heart’ , and ‘Just A Country Boy’ was a delightful tribute to Elvis who had died just two years earlier.

‘That’s Alright With Me’ was pushed for a single release by the band instead of ‘…Daddy Gee’s’ which may have seen the band’s single chart career taking more of an upturn during this period.

Notwithstanding, ‘Crepes & Drapes’ was highly successful, but was to ultimately be the band’s last top-10 LP, attaining the number 8 position, and sitting on the album chart for three and a half months until February 1980.

‘Crepes & Drapes’ featured 4 original and 8 covers, a decision no doubt influenced by the band’s success with covers in the previous 3 or 4 years, as well as their punishing gig and promotional schedule leaving little time to compose and arrange original material.

1. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
2. Sea Cruise
3. Just A Country Boy
4. Lost
5. That's Rock 'n' Roll
6. Twist & Shout
7. A Night At Daddy Gee's
8. Come On Let's Go
9. That's Alright With Me
10. I Appreciate The Job
11. Win Your Heart
12. Remember Then