Greatest Hits 1976 - 1978

Released - 24th November 1978
Catalogue Number (LP) - Arista ARTV1
UK Album Chart Position - 1
Weeks on Chart - 17

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The band’s second ‘Greatest Hits’ album featured a similar cover to the 1976 release, but with the red making it more visually striking making it stand out in record shops. The sleeve featured photos from the promo video of ‘A Little Bit of Soap’.

By the time the album was released, Showaddywaddy had had two more top-5 hits during the year (‘I Wonder Why’ and A Little Bit of Soap’), with Pretty Little Angel Eyes’ which was out at the same time as the LP also achieving a top-5 position.

The album reached number 1 in January 1979, knocking the Grease soundtrack from the top, and held the position for two weeks, and being the only Showaddywaddy LP to reach the top spot.

1. Dancin' Party
2. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
3. Lookin' Back
4. (You've Got) Personality
5. When
6. You Got What It Takes
7. I Wonder Why
8. Paint Your Picture
9. Somethin' Else
10. You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow
11. Go Johnny Go
12. A Little Bit Of Soap