Good Times

Released - 1st October 1981
Catalogue Number (LP) - Bell BELLS 271
UK Album Chart Position - /
Weeks on Chart - /

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The ‘Good Times’ album saw Arista revive the Bell label which the band had success on in the early days.

There were three singles from the album, two of which were already released earlier in the year - ‘Multiplication’ (Arista) and ‘Footsteps’ (Bell). Both of these singles charted, reaching 39 and 31 respectively, and backup by television performances.

The third single from the album however, ‘Good Timing’ (Bell), was not released until 4 months later, and with no TV promotion of the single, no promo video, and no picture sleeve (it was only issued in a plain sleeve), unsurprisingly it failed to chart. Incidentally, this was the first single with Buddy Gask on lead vocals since ‘Heartbeat’ in 1975.

‘Alley Oop’ on the other hand, which was not a single, was promoted on TV in August 1981 (perhaps the record company were considering it as a single at the time?)

‘Good Times’ (in my opinion) is as good as the band’s previous albums, with strong tracks including ‘Pretty Little One’, ‘Gypsy Rose Lee’ and ‘Shake’, not to mention the heart-rending ‘I Don’t Like Rock ’n’ Roll No More’, a firm favourite amongst SWW fans.

The song ‘Good Times’, the last track on the LP, featured in the band’s live gigs in the early 2000s.

1. Multiplication
2. Pretty Little One
3. Alley Oop
4. Footsteps
5. Gypsy Rose Lee
6. Good Timing
7. Party Time
8. Shake
9. C'mon Everybody
11. Weekend
12. I Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll No More
13. Good Times