By 2000, the reissue of Showaddywaddy’s original albums on CD was long overdue, but Cherry Red Records saw to this by commencing a reissue programme of Showaddywaddy's back catalogue under their 7T's label.

All albums that Showaddywaddy completed with the original line up were re-released by the end of 2005, with “Jump, Boogie & Jive” following in 2008 (originally recorded in 1991). The reissues also included comprehensive liner notes, with non-album b-sides featured as bonus tracks, as well as three singles collections - The Bell Singles, and Arista, Volumes 1 & 2.

Cherry Red also released a DVD during 2007, featuring various German television footage, a promo video for 2006’s “Hey England!” recording, and an extensive career spanning interview with Dave Bartram, Romeo Challenger and Danny Willson.

Thanks to all at Cherry Red, especially Mark Brennan and Iain McNay, and also to Steve Thorpe for their hard work in co-ordinating these releases!

Title - Catalogue No - Date of Reissue
Showaddywaddy - GLAM CD2 - 9th Oct 2000
Step Two - GLAM CD4 - 26th Mar 2001
The Bell Singles Collection - GLAM CD9 - 17th Sep 2001
Trocadero - GLAM CD10 - 14th Jan 2002
Arista Singles Collection Vol. 1 - GLAM CD12 - 23rd Sep 2002
Red Star - GLAM CD 13 - 19th Nov 2002
Crepes & Drapes - GLAM CD15 - 3rd Feb 2003
Bright Lights - GLAM CD16 - 24th Feb 2003
Arista Singles Collection Vol. 2 - GLAM CD17 - 31st Mar 2003
Good Times - GLAM CD20 - 29th Aug 2005
Living Legends - GLAM CD21 - 7th Nov 2005
Rock & Roll Music (DVD) - CRDVD151 - 26th Mar 2007
Jump, Boogie & Jive - GLAM CD56 - Mar 2008