New! The Studio LP Collection 1974-1983

SWW LP Collection 1974-1983
Available to order now, The Studio LP Collection 1974-1983, an 8LP limited edition vinyl box set including a 10”x8” signed print of original members Dave Bartram and Romeo Challenger.

Celebrating 45 years since Showaddywaddy released their debut Single, ‘Hey Rock And Roll’, each LP within the box is pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl, all individually coloured.

Comprising the Band’s eight consecutive studio albums, from the eponymous debut ‘Showaddywaddy’ (UK #9/1974), ‘Step Two’ (UK #7/1975), ‘Trocadero’ (UK #41/1976), ‘Red Star’ (UK #20/1977), ‘Crepes & Drapes’ (UK #8/1979), ‘Bright Lights’ (UK #33/1980), ‘Good Times’ (1981) and ‘Living Legends’ (1983).

The Studio LP Collection 1974-1983 is released on the 18th October and is available to order now here!

Showaddywaddy 2019

Further to the above, Showaddywaddy are due to release a brand new album before the year is out, featuring 14 tracks (11 originals / 3 covers). The finishing touches are being done ready for a release this autumn all being well!

In the meantime, the band continue to rack up the miles in 2019 with gigs in all four corners of the UK! The boys have already played in Scotland, the south coast, east coast, west coast and everywhere in between!

Early April saw the band play a series of Arena shows (Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Brighton) as part of Legends Live 2019, and with another 30-odd gigs booked for the rest of the year, and 2020 filling up fast, Showaddywaddy are as popular as ever.

They play all the hits that you know (23 top 40 hits to choose from!) as well as album tracks and new material - check out the Gig Dates page for details of all shows!

(L-R: Rob Hewins, Romeo Challenger, Ray Hatfield, Andy Pelos, Billy Norman, Dean Loach).

Showaddywaddy’s Gold Official Album Charts Run!

19th April 2019 saw the release of Showaddywaddy Gold on heavyweight 180g gold colour vinyl and on a three CD set! This date also marks the 45th anniversary of the release of the band’s debut hit single ‘Hey Rock And Roll’! The vinyl features 16 of the band's best-known hits, including nine top-10 hits and the Million-Selling #1 single, 'Under The Moon Of Love', and has an introductory note from the Band's co-founder Dave Bartram.

The 3-CD 61-track featuring all the songs on the vinyl, and some of the band’s best album tracks!

From their winning appearance on an edition of 'New Faces', the 'Britain's Got Talent' of the day, to become runners-up in the series' 'All Winners Final', it took just a matter of months until Showaddywaddy, 'Hey Rock And Roll'. The single reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart and Showaddywaddy eventually had more UK hits in the 1970s than any other act…including Abba!

The album entered the Official Album Charts at #15 on 26th April, and it remained in the charts for 9 weeks, its final top-100 place being at #95 on the chart of 21st June 2019.
The chart run made it the highest charting Showaddywaddy album since 1979’s ‘Crepes & Drapes’ which peaked at number 8, and the longest chart run since 1981’s ‘Very Best Of’ album which remained in the charts for 11 weeks.

Showaddywaddy Archive on Instagram

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There is now an archive of Showaddywaddy material on Instagram - check it out, and follow for updates! The archive will continue to expand with new pictures added regularly!

Rare Material on Soundcloud

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There are plenty of rarities on the page on Soundcloud dedicated to rare Showaddywaddy recordings. These rare tracks are shared for the enjoyment of Showaddywaddy's loyal fans. Any attempt to download and use the tracks anywhere else will hinder further uploads, so it is hoped the page will be used in the spirit it is intended. Enjoy!


1976-1978 were arguably Showaddywaddy’s peak years of popularity. 1976 got off to a slow start with the single “Trocadero” and the album of the same name released during the Spring not doing particularly well in the charts. The follow up single in the Summer, “Take Me In Your Arms” did not chart at all - hardly surprising given the A and B sides were already available on the album released a couple of months earlier. Despite this, the band still kept the momentum going with numerous TV appearances, as well as being on the road touring all year. However in October, things were to take an upward turn with the release of “Under The Moon Of Love”, which was to prove to be the band’s only number 1 hit.

Showaddywaddy first performed the single on TV 4 days after it was released on the TV show ‘Arrows’, and the track was performed another dozen times over the next couple of months, culminating in the band reaching the number 1 spot in the singles charts in December. Not only that, the band’s first ‘Greatest Hits’ album reached number 4 in the album chart, featuring the aforementioned “Under The Moon Of Love”, and all but one of the singles released to date (plus select album tracks). What a way to end the year!

1977-1978 saw Showaddywaddy striking gold with every single they released, with seven consecutive top-5 hits - “When”, “You Got What It Takes”, “Dancin’ Party”, “I Wonder Why”, “A Little Bit Of Soap” and “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”. Promo videos were recorded for most singles in this period, some of which were later officially released on VHS. The guys were barely off the TV, racking up at least 54 television appearances in addition to the 19 spots on the small screen in 1976. Gig-wise, at least 100 gigs were performed in 1976, 97 gigs in 1977, and 78 gigs in 1978.

The latter stages of 1978 saw Showaddywaddy perform live on TV in November in front of the Queen Mother at the London Palladium for the Royal Variety Performance, with the band overcoming technical difficulties after their cables got pulled out of their equipment due to the rotating stage going the wrong way. However those technical problems were soon forgotten when the band met the Queen Mother after the show, a moment of which they are all very proud. The same month also saw the release of the ‘Greatest Hits 1976-1978’ LP, an album which gave the band their only number 1 spot in the album charts. Showaddywaddy’s final gig of the year was in their home town of Leicester at the Demontfort Hall on 19th December, where it was announced on stage that the album had reached number 1 in the charts, the band playing one of their best ever gigs, and partying well into the small hours after the show, celebrating a fantastic end to the year!

1976 to 1978 proved to be a phenomenal three years for Showaddywaddy, and a period which they will never forget.