28th October 2000
Showaddywaddy’s debut album was re-released by Cherry Red Records on 9th October 2000. It is released with the original artwork, and two bonus track not on the original release, You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow, and I’m A Traveller.

30th July 2000
Showaddywaddy’s debut album Showaddywaddy, sometimes known as ’the yellow album’, is being released in September by Cherry Red Records under their 7Ts label. It will contain two bonus tracks.

Also announced today was that Showaddywaddy are to release a new album. Dave Bartram: “We now have the go-ahead to compile material for a new album, which should be ready for early next year. The album will be all new material, however it looks as if it will be a compilation of material that we have always meant to record, which will be very much in the old Showaddy style obviously including a lot of reworks. We will be going into the studio in early October to record the first few tracks”

19th June 2000
Crimson Productions, the owners of Showaddywaddy’s recorded material, advised they have no plans to release the band’s back catalogue on CD.