15th December 2002
There have been some rumours floating around that 2003 will be Showaddywaddy's farewell year and that the tour with Sweet and The Rubettes in the Spring will be their last.
"Do not worry!", says Dave Bartram, ".....I did say when negotiating with the promoters that this would probably our last tour of this type, based on the alarming slump in audience sizes at 90% of theatre tours (Hey Rock 'n' Roll shows).........However please emphasise to readers of the site that there is absolutely no chance of the band splitting up. We will continue to play venues up and down the country for a few years yet."

In other news, Cherry Red will be re-releasing the 1980 album Bright Lights and Arista Singles Collection Vol.2 during the early part of 2003.

18th November 2002
Showaddywaddy's 1977 album Red Star was officially re-released on CD by Cherry Red Records today. It features eight bonus tracks not on the original vinyl release. Another excellent package by Cherry Red.

29th September 2002
The final Hey Rock 'n' Roll date will now be Sunday November 10th at Billingham Forum. Hey Rock 'n' Roll began life at Cliff's Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea on the 4th and 5th of May 2001. All being well, the shows should resume again in 2004.

17th September 2002
The Hey Rock 'n' Roll show on October 9th 2002 in Croydon will be the last for International Artistes. Showaddywaddy will be putting the concept on the back burner for a while, and looking for a new promoter towards the end of 2003.

The date for release of SWW's 'Arista Singles Collection Volume 1' is now 25th October 2002.

2nd June 2002
After originally telling Cherry Red they could only re-release Showaddywaddy's 1977 album 'Red Star' if hit singles were removed, Crimson have now relented and given full permission for this project.
However, Cherry Red's next SWW project will be actually be an 'Arista Singles Collection Vol I' in September, followed by 'Red Star' at the end of the year. The 'Vol II' singles collection will hopefully follow next year.

19th May 2002
Showaddywaddy's new album is now available! Released in conjunction with the Hey Rock 'n' Roll theatre shows. It is available exclusively via this web-site for a time before going on general sale.

19th May 2002
Cherry Red's latest release of Showaddywaddy's back catalogue was the 1976 album Trocadero, released on 14th January 2002. This was an excellent package and many commented it was the best Cherry Red release yet.

However, it looks like there will not be any more re-releases for a while as there is someone new in charge of licensing at Crimson, the company who own the rights to Showaddywaddy's recordings. Explained Mark Brennan of Cherry Red, "We did try to get 'Red Star' and the licensing people said yes as long as we took off any hit singles! "

15th January 2002
Showaddywaddy's new album to compliment the "Hey Rock 'n' Roll" theatre show, will shortly be available to order, exclusively via www.showaddywaddy.net.

14th January 2002
Showaddywaddy's third studio album, Trocadero, was re-released by Cherry Red for the first time on CD today. It includes the correct version of Lucy Jane (the b-side to Heartbeat) - as opposed to Lucy Jane (Part 2) that was included on the Bell Singles collection. Cherry Red have made an apology for this in the sleeve notes!