13th October 2004
There is to be a new "Very Best Of" Digitally remastered TV advertised album released on DMTV on November 15th. The album is entitled "Hey Rock & Roll - The Very Best of Showaddywaddy".
It will include a new song, "Woo Hoo". The band recorded the TV ad on Tuesday 14th September and the first showing will be during Heartbeat (ITV) on Sunday 14th November.

In the past few weeks, SWW fans have been voting for songs they would like the band to do on the tour. The voting was closed early October and the final list of top 5 songs voted for were:

  • Joint Top: 'Johnny Remember Me', 'Hey Rock And Roll'.
  • Second: 'Lost'.
  • Joint Third: 'Win Your Heart', 'Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller'.
  • Fourth: 'Under The Moon Of Love'.
  • Fifth: 'Chain Gang', 'Footsteps', 'Heavenly', 'Swansong'

The band usually do 'Hey Rock And Roll' and 'Under The Moon Of Love' so expect to see those. 'Johnny Remember Me' has been ruled out as it was originally a hit for John Leyton who is also on the tour. However, Dave Bartram advises that Showaddywaddy may resurrect this in their regular shows toward the end of the year, along with 'Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller'.

15th February 2004
Showaddywaddy will be taking part in a new theatre tour in October/November 2004.

The show will feature Showaddywaddy headlining a 'Solid Gold Rock & Roll' bill featuring actual artists from the late 50's/early 60's thus far to include Freddie Cannon, Eden Kane and John Leyton. The idea being a throwback to the legendary package tours of the 60's.

One thing that the band would like to do for this tour is have Showaddywaddy fans choose the top 5 SWW songs that they would like to be included in the set. These can be old album tracks or songs previously played "live", or even singles that are no longer included.

In other news, Cherry Red's re-release of the 1981 album 'Good Times' is on hold. Unfortunately their 7T's section have other projects that are taking priority at the moment.