7th December 2011
That's It for 2011....

It was an emotional night at the King's Hall in Ilkley on Saturday 3rd December. Dave received a standing ovation as he walked on stage and before he had sung a note, and we knew it was going to be a special night.

Dave and the band gave it absolutely everything, knowing that it would be the last time that he would be singing those songs, and the last time he would be performing on stage - not to mention Dave Graham's impending departure too!

The band ploughed their way through two hours worth of material, including "Dancin' Party" "Rock 'n' Roll Lady", "Sea Cruise", "Remember Then", "Pretty Little Angel Eyes", as well as newer songs such as "Bobabloo", and Dave even sung the first few lines of "Swansong".

As the band walked off stage after the final encore of "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll", lining up for a bow, and with "Swansong" blasting out over the PA, there were a few tears being shed!

And so we go to 2012, with the band still on the road and the first gig with the revised line up is on 28th January. Showaddywaddy will be around for many more years yet!

A video message from Dave can now be seen, courtesy of The Wry Dogs

Early December 2011
Showaddywaddy are just about to complete their 38th year on the road and the band again toured the length and breadth of the country in the earlier in the year, and the the tour was a great success!

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5th November 2011
Rod Deas: "Dave will always be a very close friend who I respect and admire tremendously both as a musician and as a person. He should feel proud of his massive contribution to the band both musically and in his role as manager. I'd like to thank Dave for fantastic memories that we have from the 38 years of Showaddywaddy and wish him every happiness in the future".

Since Dave's announcement, the band have performed two dates at Leamington and Selsey where they went down a storm. Following the last couple of dates in 2011 with the present line-up, the revised band take to the road early in 2012, and will be embarking on "The Greatest Hits Tour" from February. SWW will be playing hits (and more) in their full length original form. Get your tickets today!

18th October 2011
News is now sinking in of Dave Bartam's imminent departure from the band which was announced late on Sunday evening.

Dave published a thank you message to the fans (below), in which he reveals a forthcoming book publication, with another in the pipeline, news of what he will be doing after leaving the band, and a heartfelt farewell to all the fans who have followed and supported the band over the years.

The Leicester Mercury published also published an article and interview today.

Dave's 'swansong' will be at Ilkley in West Yorkshire on Saturday 3rd December 2011 and no doubt many a tear will be shed on the night.

Despite some hesitation from fans about Showaddywaddy in 2012, Romeo Challenger had these reassuring words:
"My message to the fans is to keep the faith - Showaddywaddy will be around for many more years yet."

A Thank You To Showaddywaddy Fans

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"After much soul searching, the day has finally come for me to call time on what can only be described as an incredible career. The words of the Frank Sinatra song My Way seem appropriate at this moment, "And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain" , and indeed it will be strange no longer being on the road with Rod, Romeo & the guys in the future.

However, I've felt the need to move on for a while now, and my well being has been hampered by asthmatic problems for some time, which has taken away the pleasure I used to feel when performing.

I've had many second thoughts about taking the decision to quit, but recently at a caravan park gig in Rhyl, I realised I really didn't want to do live performances any longer, and that the magic was gone for me.

Many people think I'm retiring, this is far from the case. I will be continuing in my managerial capacity, handling the affairs of the re-modelled band, who take to the road in January totally with my blessing.

I also will be having my first book published in the near future, and will obviously keep everyone informed as to developments on that front. A second book is also in the pipeline, along with my involvement with an English speaking newspaper in Portugal. I have plans underway to form a promotions company, which will take me out on the road from time to time, which will stop me getting fidgety, so I will be busy as I ever was.

Showaddywaddy has been an absolute blast. 38 years in one of Europe's top rock & roll band's has been just wonderful, and it's been a privilege to front the band for all that time.

What has never ceased to amaze me has been the loyalty of our followers and fans, many whom I now know personally. I want to thank every single one of them for your support over so many amazing years. I've thus far received approaching 100 emails and messages from well wishers, some of which have touched me greatly, and I will treasure those words which mean the world to me.

I hope each and every one of you will continue to give the new formation every chance to keep the name of Showaddywaddy alive and kicking. I know it will seem different with a few new faces on board, but rest assured these guys are hugely talented.

Finally I just want to say how much I will miss you all, and thankyou again for making my time with the band so exciting and such a pleasure. It has been my life, and not a bad one at that."

Dave Bartram - Tuesday 18th October 2011

Leicester Mercury

Showaddywaddy frontman Dave Bartram has quit as the band's singer – saying he had lost "the fire in his belly." Dave, 59, who formed the Leicester crepe crusaders in 1973, says it was not an easy decision to make.

But after a disastrous gig in a Welsh caravan park earlier this year, the musician said he knew he had played his last encore.

Dave, who lives in Gaulby, near Scraptoft, said: "It was utterly dreadful, the facilities were terrible, there wasn't enough power to the stage, it was complete sweat box and it was full of totally drunk people.

"I stood on stage and thought 'I can't do this any more. Over the years, we got the odd bad gig, but this was different. Something snapped inside me and I knew that was it."

The rock 'n' roll performer said he would still manage the band's business affairs and that relations with the other member of the group were as strong as ever. He said: "The rest of the guys know they have my complete blessing to carry on, and there's no animosity between us at all. I've had a fantastic career, but I've been thinking about stepping down for a while now. To continue without that fire in my belly wouldn't be fair on the fans, so I thought it was time to bow out gracefully."

Dave said he is now concentrating on promoting his book – a humorous account of the band's 2005 tour of 33 caravan parks across Britain. He also works as a music writer on the English language paper The Brit, which is sold in Portugal and Germany. He added: "I've got plenty of things to keep me busy. The first book isn't even in the shops yet and we're talking about a second."

Showaddywaddy was formed after amalgamating two bands – Choise and The Golden Hammers – both of which played regular gigs at the Fosse Way pub, in Leicester. Their first single, Hey Rock and Roll, written by the band, was released in April 1974, reaching number two in the chart. The band then went on to have a 22 UK hits.

Of all the band's glory days, Dave recalls one special night at De Montfort Hall as being the pinnacle of his career. "We were playing in Leicester in 1978, and the venue was packed to the rafters – it was not long before Christmas – and the news came through to the stage that we'd got the Christmas number one album. We ordered loads of Champagne to be delivered to the venue and we opened it all on stage, then after the gig we carried on celebrating at the Holiday Inn – we got quite drunk. It was amazing. It was the highlight of my career and the fact that we were in Leicester and we were number one made it all the sweeter."

Fan Paul Fixter, 33, who runs the Showaddywaddy.net website, said he has been hooked on the band since he was five years old. He said: "It was a shock when I found out. I always thought when Dave left that would be the end of the band but luckily they're staying together with a new line-up. "I first got into the band when I was really young and I've followed them ever since. I go to the gigs and, although this is disappointing, it's not going to stop me from being a fan."

17th October 2011 12.10am
News officially reached Showaddywaddy.net HQ tonight (Sunday) that Dave Bartram has sadly decided to call it a day with his time in Showaddywaddy. However it is pleasing to announce that Showaddywaddy as a band will still continue with founding members Romeo Challenger and Rod Deas - Paul Dixon stays on board - and joining the band will be Andy Pelos on lead vocals, Rob Hewins (drums/guitars/vocals) and Dean Loach (keyboards/vocals).

A full statement from Dave Bartram will be published in the next few days, but in the meantime he says:
"The time has come for me to say goodbye. I really can't express my love and gratitude to all the amazing fans who have supported the band over the years. Rod and Romeo will be continuing with my blessing, and I will be staying on to manage the bands affairs and generally help in any way I can. The new guys joining are very talented and will give the band a new lease of life. The new lead singer is Andy Pelos, but the load will be spread over three vocalists, much like it was in the early days. It is very sad to bring down the curtain on what can only be described as an amazing 38 year career".

More details will be announced on Showaddywaddy.net shortly, but in the meantime, I personally would like to thank Dave, as we all would, for Showaddywaddy, for being the driving force behind the band, and for giving millions of fans loads of great memories since 1973.

October 2011
Showaddywaddy are pleased to announce 'The Greatest Hits Tour' for 2012!

Dave Bartram says, "The band will be adding two talented new members to the ranks in time for next years tour dates. The new guys are: Rob Hewins, (who has already played one gig with Showaddywaddy in Leicester in August 2011). Rob is not only an excellent drummer, but a great guitar player too, with a strong voice to match.
Dean Loach is the other new face - Dean is a fantastic keyboard player, who will fill in the gaps left by Dave Graham. He will also take lead vocals on a handful of songs.
The band are very excited to have 2 such talented guys on board, that will only make the band musically and vocally stronger".

September 2011
Dave Bartram's solo album "Lost & Found" released.

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After 27 years in hiding, tracks recorded by Dave Bartram between 1982 and 1985 was released by Invisible Hands Music in September 2011.

14 previously unheard new-old tracks make up a running list of 17 songs:

1. Black Ice (Album Version)
2. Highly Strung
3. He Won’t
4. Delirious
5. Can’t Hide The Hurt Anymore
6. Lovestruck
7. Incommunicado
8. Excitement
9. Lost In The Post
10. Cryin’ In My Sleep
11. Memories Are Made Of This
12. Stranded

13. Burnin' The Candle (Demo)
14. Delirious (Instrumental)
15. Black Ice (Single Version)
16. Delirious (Alternative Version)
17. Perfect Harmony (1995)

The CD features extensive sleeve notes including contributions by Dave, and previously unseen photos.

28th August 2011

Sadly David Graham will be leaving Showaddywaddy at the end of 2011 due to work commitments. On joining the band in August 2009, David brought the saxophone to Showaddywaddy's live sound that was prevalent on the band's studio recordings of the 70s and 80s.

His versatility, with keyboards, guitars and vocals as well as the sax will be sadly missed. The fans would like to wish David all the very best for the future!

13th August 2011
Today, Showaddywaddy featured two drummers in the line up for the first time for 27 years!

Rob Hewins played alongside Romeo Challenger the band at the Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester. Rob, who has played with a number of artists including Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and Alvin Stardust, may be playing more dates with the band in the future - watch this space!

7th June 2011
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It is sad to report that original Showaddywaddy member, Bill ‘Buddy’ Gask, passed away today in Spain, aged 65, after a long illness. Showaddywaddy send their condolences to Bill’s family. A tribute to Bill, along with his biography can be read in the Band Members (Past & Present) page.

Spring 2011
Pasted Graphic
In 1975, Showaddywaddy's management company used this bus to promote the band's touring up and down the land throughout the year. Do you remember it coming to your town?

(Courtesy Charles Dean/Kevin Lane collection)