30th December 2012

Hirst Publishing Update

In relation to the ongoing non-refunds from Hirst Publishing, Dave Bartram wrote to Tim Hirst on 30th December 2012. This is reproduced below:

Dear Mr Hirst

I write to inform you that following numerous complaints and affronts of a personal nature which have subsequently affected my previously good reputation, I am now left with no alternative but to implement legal action against you for defamation and misappropriation of funds collected from prospective book purchasers for a publication that you were totally inept in delivering.
I feel I have been more than reasonable in allowing sufficient time for each and every refund to be processed, but it appears that all such requests have fallen on deaf ears and led to pathetic attempts to distance yourself from the problem by a change of contact numbers and the closing down of your web-site.

Having already sought legal advice I have been advised to allow a fourteen day period as of the date of this letter i.e. 12th January 2013 for all refunds to be processed in full and final settlement. I am in possession of a long list of dissatisfied customers, and should there remain any after this date, proceedings will commence with immediate effect, for which I will seek full costs.

I trust you will now finally see sense and deal with this matter professionally and without the need for further unpleasantness.

Yours Sincerely,
Dave Bartram

Hopefully soon we shall see some action from Mr Hirst.

Thursday 29th November 2012
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Original Showaddywaddy guitarist Russ Field has decided to auction off an original full set of 8 Showaddywaddy suits, with a donation from proceeds to Diabetes UK.

"We are having a bit of a clear out here and realised I still have a complete set of eight SWW suits from the 1970’s! This was from the period when band members had eight sets and we would then rotate the colours so that each member had a different colour per gig as well as for TOTP and other television appearances."

Russ is pictured above with the exact set of suits that are available. This will be a silent auction by email, and the suggested start price is £100 per suit, or £500 for the full set of eight.
The closing date of the auction will be 8.00pm on Sunday 16th December! (Auction now closed).

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of history from the original band, whose 40th Anniversary is next year.

Incidentally, Russ has been to see Showaddywaddy in Alnwick recently and said it was a great show!

Saturday 10th November 2012
Dave Bartram is meeting Trading Standards personally on 21st November with a view to speeding refunds etc from Hirst to a satisfactory conclusion.

Tuesday 16th October 2012
The Boys of Summer - Statement from Dave Bartram, 16th October 2012

"Delighted as I am to have reached agreement with Fantom Publishing, and that my book will finally see the light of day with a far and away more professional organisation, I am acutely aware that there remains an ongoing saga with Mr Tim Hirst as regarding outstanding refunds.

It was my wish that every refund would be processed prior to the book becoming available, but as pointed out during meetings with Fantom, to delay further would really serve little purpose as all of Hirst’s deadlines have long elapsed and it is clear that some form of long drawn out legal action may be the only way forward, and to await the outcome would seriously jeopardise the book from ever being released.

I quite understand the scepticism amongst those who have shelled-out their hard-earned cash to Hirst to be in two minds when it comes to re-ordering the book, I would feel exactly the same, but all I can say is that my new publishers are honourable, hard working people who will finally deliver the goods to everyone’s satisfaction.

I, along with Fantom can assure everyone that we will continue to aggressively pursue Mr Hirst, until his shady dealings are brought to an end".

Thursday 27th September 2012
Re: Hirst Publishing - "Summertime Blues"

An update from Dave Bartram: "Regrettably after weeks of pursuing Mr Tim Hirst with regard to the outstanding refunds due to those who pre-ordered my book, I am horrified to hear of the high number that it seems are yet to be processed.

In similar fashion to many of you all of my attempts to contact Mr Hirst have been completely ignored, with not so much as even a courteous fob-off, but rest assured I will continue in my efforts to ensure that something is done as soon as is humanly possible.

I have taken legal advice, but as I personally have no claim against Hirst Publishing other than restraint of trade for the non-publication of my book that course of action would be both costly and ultimately futile.

I am also outraged that a handful of people, who it seems spend far too much time using social networks, see fit to suggest that I am somehow in league with Mr Hirst and should personally offer refunds. Hang your heads in shame and stop interfering when you have no facts to hand!
All I want is for my book to eventually be published with a company that take pride in how they operate. Unfortunately until every refund has been honoured the book will remain unpublished, which after almost a year’s dedication to the project is a huge source of disappointment.

I urge everyone who is still owed money to pursue the matter through your local Trading Standards office, until every penny overdue has been repaid. I am only sorry I cannot be of further help".

Dave Bartram, Sept 27th ‘12

Early September 2012
Hirst Publishing - Refunds from Hirst Publishing commenced on 8th August. If you have not yet had your refund, please contact Tim Hirst directly via email.

Wednesday 8th August 2012
A Note from Hirst Publishing 8th August 2012

"Clearly I’m very disappointed that we are not now going ahead with Dave’s book 'Summertime Blues'. As you know, we use the pre-order system to fund the publication – those who pre-order are rewarded with a signed copy and their name listed in the back. This system has worked well for over 30 books and was warmly embraced by Showaddywaddy fandom.

Very occasionally a book is cancelled and we therefore have to refund everyone who has pre-ordered. This is normally straightforward but due to the popularity of Dave’s book and the huge number of orders, this is going to take some time.

Hirst Books is effectively one person – me – there are no staff and no team of people to process these refunds. As there are around 300 individual orders, there is no button that one can press – these all have to be processed individually. In addition I have a full-time job and family commitments, so I’m afraid these refunds are not going to happen overnight.

I have already started ploughing through them and will continue to do so, and I thank you for your patience. I can assure you that everyone will get their money back and that there is nothing untoward going on. If anyone would like to choose TWO books from my website in lieu of a refund, please email me – I am happy to offer this and will honour those orders as soon as I can, assuming I have stock.

Thank you for your original order – it’s a shame we are no longer going ahead but I’m sure Dave’s book will find a home elsewhere, and I can assure you that you will be refunded".
Tim Hirst 8th August 2012

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Wednesday 25th July 2012

"Summertime Blues" by Dave Bartram - A Statement

"In the light of months of hollow promises, excuses and frustration, I have as of today been left with no alternative but to sever my association with Hirst Publishing.

Regrettably the publication of my first book 'Summertime Blues' will not now go ahead as originally planned.

I would like to stress that this decision has in no way been taken lightly, and my extreme disappointment that it has come to this, particularly taking into account the high number of pre-orders that have been received, for which I truly thank each and every one of you.

I have stressed to Mr Hirst that refunds for the pre-orders should be dealt with without delay, to prevent any ongoing unpleasantness, and sincerely hope this will be done promptly and efficiently.

Once again I can only apologise to those of you eagerly anticipating the book's long overdue availability, but can give you every assurance that efforts are being made as I write, to bring on board a more suitable and enthusiastic publisher, to ensure the book finally sees the light of day in the not too distant future.

Thank you for your understanding and incredible support".
Dave Bartram - 25th July 2012

For details about refunds, please visit www.hirstpublishing.com, or contact tim@hirstbooks.com or info@hirstbooks.com, or write to Hirst Publishing, Suite 285, Andover House, George Yard, High St, Andover, Hants., SP10 1PB

Friday 22nd June 2012
Details of the band's 40th Anniversary tour for 2013 exclusively revealed on Showaddywaddy.net today.

Dave Bartram's book is now due for release in early July.

Monday 7th May 2012
An update from Dave Bartram:

"On behalf of myself and my publishers Hirst Publishing, I'd like to apologise to those who've placed pre-orders for the delay in publication.
As you know the book 'Summertime Blues' was set for an Easter release, but this has not been possible, largely due to illness, and the restructuring of the entire Hirst operation.
Book publishing is a very different process to releasing CD albums and the like, as the editing alone takes months, and then there are proof readers, marketing ploys, and much more that has to be organised before it is possible for the book to see the light of day.
I'm obviously chewing my nails to the bone, as this is my first ever writing venture, but I'm keen to get things right, as are the entire team working on the project.
One thing I can assure you of, is that it won't be long now, and I sincerely hope it'll be worth the wait.
Thanks so much for putting in the orders, and happy reading. Dave".

And from Tim Hirst, Hirst Publishing: "'Summertime Blues' will now be released in July – the finishing touches are being made at this moment. Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay – I can assure you it will be worth the wait. We will also be sending you news of signing events etc in due course."

Sat 28th January 2012
Showaddywaddy played their first gig with the new line up tonight at Dorchester Abbey, in aid of The Nasio Trust, and it was a very successful night all round. Rod Deas and Romeo Challenger said it went really well, better then they could have imagined.

The band are up and running for 2012, with many more shows to come throughout the year!

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