Dave Bartram - Lost and Found

After 27 years in hiding, tracks recorded by Dave Bartram between 1982 and 1985 were released by Invisible Hands Music in September 2011.

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The CD features extensive sleeve notes including contributions by Dave, and previously unseen photos.

See www.dave-bartram.com for details.
You can also hear track samples by clicking the Play button.

Lost and Found is also available to download via the iTunes store and the Amazon MP3 Store.

14 previously unheard new-old tracks make up a running list of 17 songs:

1. Black Ice (Album Version)
2. Highly Strung
3. He Won’t
4. Delirious
5. Can’t Hide The Hurt Anymore
6. Lovestruck
7. Incommunicado
8. Excitement
9. Lost In The Post
10. Cryin’ In My Sleep
11. Memories Are Made Of This
12. Stranded

Bonus Tracks
13. Burnin' The Candle (Demo)
14. Delirious (Instrumental)
15. Black Ice (Single Version)
16. Delirious (Alternative Version)
17. Perfect Harmony (1995)