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Released - 1996
Catalogue Number (LP) - CMC 8231543
UK Album Chart Position - /
Weeks on Chart - /
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Twelve of the songs on the album will be familiar, however they are re-recordings and not the original versions recorded in the 1970s.

It was intended to release ’24 Hours From Tulsa’ as single, but this didn’t happen.

This album also featured self-penned songs namely, ‘Go Ahead Make My Day’ a Bartram/Oakes composition, and ‘Runaway Girl’ composed by Dave Bartram.

It was recorded at PUK Studios in Denmark in April 1996. Initially it was released in mainland Europe only (Autumn 1996), but became available in the UK about 2 months later, but of course the advent of the internet soon made it easy to buy CDs from abroad so it was quite easy for fans to get hold of.

There are at least three variants of the CD out there with slightly different covers and different catalogue numbers (CMC 5215922 and Disky SI 646822).

1. Dancin' Party
2. Heavenly
3. Tossin' & Turnin'
4. Closer To The One I Love
5. Under The Moon Of Love
6. Heartbeat
7. Hey Rock And Roll
8. 24 Hours From Tulsa
9. Three Steps To Heaven
10. When
11. I Wonder Why
12. You Got What It Takes
13. Go Ahead Make My Day
14. Sweet Music
15. Runaway Girl
16. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
17. A Little Bit Of Soap