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The Song
The Party was a track on Showaddywaddy's debut LP released in 1974. Unusually for an album track, it was promoted on TV on ITV's The Geordie Scene on 30th September 1974, a few weeks before album's release. In 1975, Showaddywaddy appeared in the Dejamus Productions TV film ‘Three For All’. The film was first broadcast in May 1975 but the footage was no doubt recorded in 1974. The track was titled as Rock ’n’ Roll Party on the film's accompanying soundtrack album! In the same month as the film's debut, Three Steps To Heaven was released as a single, with The Party featuring as the b-side. As The Party was a track very much in the spotlight during 1975, the band regularly performed it in their live set. It returned to the live set in January 2023 after an absence of some 48 years!

TV Appearances
The Geordie Scene, Tyne Tees Television (ITV), 30th September 1974. The band also performed Hey Rock And Roll and Rock 'n' Roll Lady on the same show.
Three For All (film), May 1975 - footage recorded at The Suite, a club in Brighton.

Vocals: Bill Gask, with Romeo Challenger counting in during the intro
Lead Guitars: Russ Field
Rhythm Guitar: Trevor Oakes
Bass: Al James
Drums: Romeo Challenger

As with all the band's self-penned material, it was credited to all 8 members (Allured / Bartram / Challenger / Deas / Field / Gask / James / Oakes). However the track was written by Trevor Oakes during his days in Choise, one the the bands that merged with Golden Hammers to form Showaddywaddy.

OK let’s go, one, two - one, two, three, four.

Here we go again just a bit of rock ’n’ roll.
Don’t try to fight it just let it ease your soul.

I’m just a simple man doing the best I can.
Well I can, oh man.

Won’t try to tease you, just try to please you, don’t wanna blow your mind.

Lead guitar like you never heard it played before,
Let me take you by the hand - let me show you what I got in store.

It’s just a simple tool, you feel you wanna move,
Well you can, oh man.

Two forty-five and we gotta keep it up ’til four,
Dancing in the garden, laying all around the floor.

The room won’t hold no more,
We gonna have fun galore
Oh man, and you can.