´┐╝Bradford Telegraph & Argus, 18th January 1975 - “Sad End To Show”

It was a pity that Showaddyaddy’s concert at St George’s Hall, Bradford, ended as it did last night (see news story), because the rock ’n’ roll group had established a strong rapport with their relatively small audience.

The hall was in fact only about one third full, although the enthusiastic response of those present more than made up for the shortage of numbers.

Showaddywaddy’s act is visually very exciting, and although their balance was slightly out (a little bit more bass would have given their sound more guts), they put on a lively and entertaining show, including such rock ’n’ roll standards as ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Teenager In Love’, as well as their own hits, ‘Hey Mr Christmas’, ‘Rock ’n’ Roll Lady’ and ‘Hey Rock And Roll’.

I hope that the mishap with the stage lights hasn’t put them off coming back to the city, and that they play a return concert - hopefully to a larger audience. (Mike Priestley).

“Girl Hurt As Lights Crash On Pop Fans”

Scores of Bradford pop fans has a lucky escape from serious injury last night when a metal stand holding heavy lights plunged into the audience at the end of Showaddywaddy’s concert at St George’s Hall.

An 18 year old girl, Caroline Dalby, or Rosedale House, West End, Queensbury, received hand and back injuries and was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary and later discharged.

The group, whose act is based on the 1950’s rock ’n’ roll sound, had finished their set and came back on stage for an encore. The heavy banks of stage lights were held on the top of tall aluminium pillars at either side of the stage.

Throughout the group’s act, road managers had to intercept fans climbing up onto the stage and others pulling at the base of the pillars, which were amounted on four castored feet.

As the group launched into their encore song, the screams of enthusiasm turned into gasps f horror when on of the pillars slowly lurched forward and the lights crashed down into the front rows of the stalls. Because the lights fell slowly, many fans were able to dive to safety beneath the seats.

The spokesman for Showaddywaddy said he had to tell fans several times during the concert not to pull at the feet of the lights. One of the castors had been pulled over hedge of the stage causing the lights to call.

He said the lights were very stable if left alone. The fact that each set of lights was on an independent circuit has reduced the danger of electrocution when they fell.