Released - 7th May 1976
Catalogue Number (LP) - Bell SYBEL 8003
UK Album Chart Position - 41
Weeks on Chart - 3

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Like the first two albums, Showaddywaddy’s third album featured 9 originals and 3 covers.

‘Trocadero’ was also the title track of the album, which itself was released as a single the week before the album on 30th April 1976. It was promoted on Top Of The Pops on 20th May 1976, a fortnight after the album’s release, with a typical energetic performance.

Two singles from the previous year featured on the album - ‘Heartbeat’ (released August 1975) and ‘Heavenly’ (November 1975). In total there were four singles on the album, the final being ‘Take Me In Your Arms’ which was released in July 1976.

The album didn’t break the top 40 album chart and was only on the charts for 3 weeks, however 1976 was to finish successfully with ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ (not featured on this LP) reaching number 1 just before Christmas. The b-side to the single was ‘Lookin’ Back’, which was the second track on the ‘Trocadero’.

‘Paint Your Picture’ is one of the most engaging songs in Showaddywaddy’s back catalogue, and later featured on the band’s ‘Greatest Hits 1976 - 1978’ album, which reached number 1 in the album charts.

The LP was the band’s only release to feature a gatefold sleeve, with excellent artwork featured throughout.

1. Trocadero
2. Lookin' Back
3. Paint Your Picture
4. Say Mama
5. Go Johnny Go
6. Heavenly
7. Rock And Roll Music
8. Record Machine
9. Take Me In Your Arms
10. Heartbeat
11. Sweet & Innocent You
12. The Young Indian Brave