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Showaddywaddy formed in 1973, and were building up a large following at their live shows, predominantly around the Midlands. It was a gig in the Midlands that TV producer Les Cocks asked the band if they wanted to be on TV. Of course the band agreed, but not knowing that it was to be a TV talent show called New Faces that Les produced. It proved to be a wise move, as New Faces gave Showaddywaddy their television debut and valuable exposure to the whole of the UK. (Total number of known TV appearances - 2).

Broadcast Date: Saturday 17th November 1973
Programme: New Faces
Songs: Unknown track(s)
Channel: ITV (Recorded live at ATV studios in Birmingham)
Notes: The band’s first ever television performance. The show also featured Phil Fernando (vocalist), Johnnie Bryan (comedian), Lance Harvey (vocalist), Jimmy & Hazel Anthony (vocal/dance act), Alison Bendy (guitarist).
YouTube: n/a


Broadcast Date: Saturday 29th December 1973
Songs: A medley set of Let There Be Drums / Shazam / Three Stars / Rave On / Bonie Moronie
Channel: ITV (Recorded live at ATV studios in Birmingham)
Notes: Presented by Derek Hobson, and the panel consisted of Bill Ward, Tony Hatch and Clifford Davis. The band performed live and came second in the All Winners Final, losing out to Tom Waite, and it was later said that the result was fixed! Other acts featured were George Huxley's Jazz Band, Charlie James, Dri Jinja, Tom Waite, Yakity Yak, Elaine Simmons, Anthony Waters, Ricki Disoni, Trotto, Jean De Both, Jackie Carlton, John D. Brayant. Footage of Bonie Moronie was broadcast in 1987 when Dave Bratram was interviewed in TV-am.
YouTube: Link - a short clip from a 1987 repeated as part of an interview with Dave Bartram on TVam.