Cutie - Showaddywaddy (1974)

Composer: Allured / Bartram / Challenger / Deas / Field / Gask / James / Oakes

Passing by I first saw you standing all alone out in the rain,
Your little body dampened by the weather looking like a picture all the same.

Thought I kinda like to get to know you, like the chance to take you for a drive,
We could move on down the centre highway, run out of gas in the countryside.

Me, oh me oh my, girl I like your style Cutie, Cutie.
Me, oh me go my, yeah to make me smile Cutie, Cutie.

In a little while I’ll take you.
In a jam you help me right on through.

Had to find a fitting registration - JU 104 was not your style.
Came across a Jag, it was a write off - CUT 1E, it made me smile.