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29th January 2006

The band are bringing out a brand new album in June this year on the Demon label. They are recording throughout March and the album will be TV advertised.
Dave and the rest of the guys are really upbeat and enthusiastic about it.
There will be 20 songs on the CD, including 'Old Habits Die Hard' which was recorded by the band in 1988 and as yet unreleased.
Dave is pleased that this will be out for the fans to hear after all this time as he says it is one of the best songs the band have recorded in their career.

13th March 2006

The new album will be released on 29th May 2006. No news yet as to what the album is called, or of any song titles that will be featured.

7th April 2006

The release date of the album has been put back to 5th June 2006

20th April 2006

The band will be performing live on the Jonathan Ross Radio 2 show on Saturday 22nd April at around 12:00 midday. They will be performing acoustically in the studio and Jonathan will be giving the first ever public airing of Showaddywaddy's football world cup song, "Hey England!"

17th May 2006

The track listing of the new album has been announced. The album is called "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" and contains covers of songs made famous in the 1970s, along with the band's World Cup song "Hey England!" and also, "Old Habits Die Hard", a track recorded by the band in 1988 which they are extremely proud of and glad to make it available after all these years!

21st May 2006

The TV advert is now available to view online at! It will not get its first TV airing until June 4th! Also, the track "Hey England!" is due to be available as a download only single on HMV and Virgin Digital soon.

3rd June 2006

"Hey England!" will be rush released as a single next week! The band are filming a promo video for it in Truro today - they have a gig there tonight, which is why they are filming it at that venue.

7th June 2006

The official release date for the album is 12th June, but it appears that it has sneaked out on Monday 5th - a number of fans have got their hands on it already! The TV advert will not now be shown on TV - Demon state that demand was not as they had hope from retailers with regards to the album and single. The single will not be released as Demon believe "it is not a viable proposition".
Dave Bartram said he is ‘extremely disappointed with Demon Music Group’.

12th June 2006

Showaddywaddy's new album was officially released today. The band recorded "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" throughout March, April and May. Whereas the band were famous in the '70s for their revivals of '50s songs, the new album contains revivals of songs originally made famous in the '70s! The album can be purchased from HMV, Virgin, Woolworths, Asda - it will also be available via their online stores - and also stocked by Amazon and

24th June 2006

"Hey England!" has at last been made available to download - nearly a month into the World Cup!

24th July 2006

The new album has currently sold around 8,000 copies which Dave Bartram describes as "deperately disappointing", but hardly surprising with absolutely no promotion from Demon. .1st September 2006
A new tour featuring Showaddywaddy in 2007 will be announced in the national press today.

1st September 2006

A new tour featuring Showaddywaddy in 2007 will be announced in the national press today.

24th September 2006
The tour dates for 2007's "Rewind Tour" have been announced today. Showaddywaddy will be featuring in a 9-date arena tour round the UK in April next year. The band will be opening for The Osmonds, David Essex and David Cassidy.

2nd December 2006

Showaddywaddy will be featuring in Peter Kay's next charity single, a cover of The Proclaimers' 1988 hit "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)”. The video was filmed on 24th November at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire and should be released in March 2007!
Also, the news that many fans have been waiting for - at long last, a Showaddywaddy DVD will be released next year.

6th December 2006

Showaddywaddy's DVD will be released in March 2007. It will contain old TV appearances, mainly from Europe, and also the promo video that the band filmed for "Hey England" in the summer.

3rd March 2007

Rock & Roll Music DVD
Showaddywaddy's new DVD is in the shops on 26th March 2007, but you can get your copy now by ordering from Cherry Red. The DVD features various television footage, promo video for 2006's "Hey England!" and an extensive career-spanning interview with the band. The interview with the band was filmed on 11th December 2006

7th June 2007

The band are due to record a brand new rock 'n' roll "concept album" in the autumn, ready for release in the Spring of 2008. It will be supported by a major PR campaign.

2nd September 2007

New album details announced on official Showaddywaddy website:

A brand new Showaddywaddy album will be released during 2008. The band return to their rock 'n' roll roots with an album of around 18 songs originally recorded for the legendary Sun Records label. The guys will start work on the album in the UK during November and then finish off at Sun Studios in Memphis - hoping to give the tracks a more authentic feel - immediately afterwards. This album will be Showaddywaddy's interpretations of their favourite Sun Recordings from the mid 50's/early 60's. Some of the tracks will be previously unissued songs recorded for the Sun label, which the band feel are unearthed 'gems'!

Ultimately the album promises to be Showaddywaddy's return to the roots of rock 'n' roll and the band are really excited to be involved in this project. Also in the pipeline, the guys are hoping to do a short series of gigs featuring the new material especially for their loyal followers. These gigs will be totally different to the normal SWW format. Details will follow as soon as they are available! Dave Bartram says, "All in all this is something we've always wanted to do, and we are over the moon to have this opportunity."

2nd December 2007

Showaddywaddy's new album will be released in stages. Firstly there will be a web-site link for fans to pre-order a special limited edition Box Set which will include the album, a special booklet and the DVD as a bonus item. Also included, and only for pre-orders, will be an exclusive entry into a competition to fly out to Memphis to visit the band at Sun Studios. The limited edition will be restricted to 500 copies. If demand is exceptional further box-sets will be made available at a later date, but without the competition entry.
The initial release of the CD will be at the end of March and will only be available by mail order and at tour dates which commence Spring 2008. The CD and DVD will then be made available on general release from June.

17th December 2007

It has been announced that the new album will now consist of 17 tracks rather than the original intended 19 - the remaining two will be held back for an exclusive EP.

20th December 2008

Al James retired and played his last gig with the band tonight at The Cheese & Grain, Frome, Somerset.
Al's place is taken by Paul Dixon who will join Showaddywaddy full time early in 2009. This will not be Paul's first stint in the band having played with the band on a tour of Ireland in the autumn of 2008 whilst Danny Willson was on paternity leave.
(Addendum: The Cheese & Grain was also Trevor Oakes's last gig with Showaddywaddy, but this was not known at the time. Trevor commenced a temporary break from the band early in 2009 due to ill health, but subsequently officially retired on 1st May 2009).

1st May 2009

Trevor Oakes’ retirement from the band was announced. He last played with the band in December 2008.

9th July 2009

David Graham played saxophone on stage with the band tonight at Assembly Rooms, Tamworth, performing Under The Moon of Love.
(Addendum: David later joins the band permanently, his first full gig being in Loudoun Castle, Galston, East Eyrshire on 29th August 2009. He replaced Danny Willson, who left the band and played his last gig at Holstebro, Denmark on 8th August).

7th June 2011

It is sad to report that original Showaddywaddy member, Bill ‘Buddy’ Gask, passed away today in Spain, aged 65, after a long illness. Showaddywaddy send their condolences to Bill’s family. A tribute to Bill, along with his biography can be read in the Band Members (Past & Present) page.

13th August 2011

Today, Showaddywaddy featured two drummers in the line up for the first time for 27 years!
Rob Hewins played alongside Romeo Challenger the band at the Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester. Rob, who has played with a number of artists including Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash and Alvin Stardust, may be playing more dates with the band in the future - watch this space!

28th August 2011

Sadly David Graham will be leaving Showaddywaddy at the end of 2011 due to work commitments. On joining the band in August 2009, David brought the saxophone to Showaddywaddy's live sound that was prevalent on the band's studio recordings of the 70s and 80s.
His versatility, with keyboards, guitars and vocals as well as the sax will be sadly missed. The fans would like to wish David all the very best for the future!

September 2011

Dave Bartram's solo album "Lost & Found" released. After 27 years in hiding, tracks recorded by Dave Bartram between 1982 and 1985 was released by Invisible Hands Music in September 2011. 14 previously unheard new-old tracks make up a running list of 17 songs:

1. Black Ice (Album Version)
2. Highly Strung
3. He Won’t
4. Delirious
5. Can’t Hide The Hurt Anymore
6. Lovestruck
7. Incommunicado
8. Excitement
9. Lost In The Post
10. Cryin’ In My Sleep
11. Memories Are Made Of This
12. Stranded

13. Burnin' The Candle (Demo)
14. Delirious (Instrumental)
15. Black Ice (Single Version)
16. Delirious (Alternative Version)
17. Perfect Harmony (1995)

The CD features extensive sleeve notes including contributions by Dave, and previously unseen photos.

October 2011

Showaddywaddy are pleased to announce 'The Greatest Hits Tour' for 2012!
Dave Bartram says, "The band will be adding two talented new members to the ranks in time for next years tour dates. The new guys are: Rob Hewins, (who has already played one gig with Showaddywaddy in Leicester in August 2011). Rob is not only an excellent drummer, but a great guitar player too, with a strong voice to match. Dean Loach is the other new face - Dean is a fantastic keyboard player, who will fill in the gaps left by Dave Graham. He will also take lead vocals on a handful of songs. The band are very excited to have 2 such talented guys on board, that will only make the band musically and vocally stronger".

17th October 2011 12.10am

News officially reached HQ tonight (Sunday) that Dave Bartram has sadly decided to call it a day with his time in Showaddywaddy. However it is pleasing to announce that Showaddywaddy as a band will still continue with founding members Romeo Challenger and Rod Deas - Paul Dixon stays on board - and joining the band will be Andy Pelos on lead vocals, Rob Hewins (drums/guitars/vocals) and Dean Loach (keyboards/vocals).
A full statement from Dave Bartram will be published in the next few days, but in the meantime he says:
"The time has come for me to say goodbye. I really can't express my love and gratitude to all the amazing fans who have supported the band over the years. Rod and Romeo will be continuing with my blessing, and I will be staying on to manage the bands affairs and generally help in any way I can. The new guys joining are very talented and will give the band a new lease of life. The new lead singer is Andy Pelos, but the load will be spread over three vocalists, much like it was in the early days. It is very sad to bring down the curtain on what can only be described as an amazing 38 year career".

For a full feature on Dave's retirement, click here.